How To Send More Than 100MB File In WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp is a social media application with lots of limitations and here is one more limitation that you can’t send more 100MB file at once using WhatsApp. But here I have an alternative method using which you can Send More Than 100MB File In WhatsApp.

If you want to know How to Send More Than 100MB File In WhatsApp? then stick to the end of the article and I will let you everything about it with full procedure.

How To Send More Than 100MB File In WhatsApp?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

This is the step by step tutorial of How To Send More Than 100MB File In WhatsApp?

  1. Click Here To Download Official Google Drive

  2. Sign In With a Gmail Account

  3. Tap On The “+” Icon In The Right Bottom Corner

  4. Click On Upload File & Choose The File That You Want To Send

  5. Once The File Is Successfully Uploaded At G-Drive Tap On 3 Dot > Copy the link > Send To The Person Whom You Want To Send 100MB+ File Via WhatsApp

  6. Congrats! You Have Successfully Sent The 100MB+ File Via WhatsApp.

Note: To view this file that person should also have a google account to view and if he/she is viewing in mobile then they also have to download the Google Drive app.

Just like WhatsApp, there is an application called Telegram where the user can send up to 2GB of files at once can store them on the cloud too.

So if you want don’t want to follow this lengthy process then you can also try Telegram as an alternative, and in addition Telegram also doesn’t share any data.


I hope now you know How To Send More Than 100MB File In WhatsApp? But if you don’t like such lengthy process then Telegram is the best solution for you with full privacy protection.

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